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Lucie Davison's Practice

Analog collage uses the cut and paste process only. In this it differs from digital collage, where software is used to combine separate images into one. The analog collage process relies entirely on found images—and sharp scissors and craft knife, along with lots of glue sticks!

I use classical, commercial, modern and vintage imagery to create their previously unexplored juxtapositions. Even though the cut and paste process is completely different from painting, though equally labour-intensive, some of the principles of the former, such as tone, colour and form, must sitll be observed.

Whereas my paintings are derived from what I can see, my collage pieces arise in an almost autonomic way, presenting themselves in different guises as I explore the pictures on the worktable in front of me. Unlike painting, even abstract painting, there is rarely any initial perceived outcome when I begin a collage. It is more that I facilitate the images to find each other so they can explore their hidden potential. The final product is entirely dependent on the cohort of images to hand. My role, such as it is, is to pay attention to what is happening, to see the serendipity, and to capture that.

Please click the button below to view a slideshow of my process.

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